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State-Level Associate Organisations
1. BIRD - Hyderabad (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh)
2. BIRD UP (Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Bihar)
3. BIRVA, Jharkhand
4. BIRD-K, Karnataka
5. DHRUVA, Gujarat
6. GRISERV, Gujarat
7. MITTRA, Maharashtra
8. RRIDMA, Rajasthan

Core Groups / Thematic Centres

Core Groups are established at suitable locations to implement the role required of a Resource Support Organisations for particular programmes and geographical areas. Thematic Centres are Start-up Teams to initiate programme development in newer Thematic Areas.

BAIF is a professionally managed, secular civil society organisation headed by a Board of Trustees. To ensure effective programme conception and implementation, BAIF has promoted independent Associate Organisations in operational states. BAIF has also created a central cadre of senior scientific and managerial staff who are deputed to various Associate Organisations of BAIF for effective transfer of programme implementation.

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