We invite professionals and individuals interested in serving the Rural Communities to share their expertise by joining hands with us. This will be a unique experience and opportunity to share rich expertise in specific areas.

There are many areas ranging from high level technology to accounting and book keeping where we require the service of experts to help the rural community to improve the efficiency of their work. For BAIF, such expertise is not easily available and affordable. Hence, we appeal to those who are concerned with rural prosperity to devote their spare time and holidays to work with the rural community to strengthen their economy. While making available your generous time, you may also have an opportunity to interact with the rural community and understand their culture.

This interaction will enrich their knowledge in grassroots development while providing them considerable experience in community initiatives promoted through People's Organisations. This mutually beneficial association with our development programmes will ensure opportunities for social scientists, environment specialists, natural resource management specialists, medical professionals, specialists in information technology and development journalists to disseminate knowledge gained by them by working with BAIF as Volunteers through documentation while strengthening the image of BAIF.

With its unique experience over a period of 40 years and with Gandhian ideology as its basic working principle, volunteerism with BAIF will surely be a stimulating experience. We are sure it will be a rewarding experience to mentor the needy community who are deprived of modern science and technology, essential for their development.

We therefore invite Volunteers inclined towards grassroots development and with a keen interest to interact with different sections of the rural poor, to please contact:
Human Resources Development Division
Dr. Manibhai Desai Nagar, Warje, Pune, India
Phone : 91-20-25231661
Fax : 91-20-25231662
E-mail : hrd@baif.org.in
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