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Maharashtra Gene Bank Project

Realizing the need to work around diverse bio resources which naturally occur in different bio geographic zones of India and the significance of the sustained availability of this diversity to the communities, the work around native, domesticated and diverse bio resources such as indigenous breeds of domesticated livestock, wild relatives and local cultivars of diverse crops and endemic forestry species has been identified as an important programme component of BAIF.

  To appreciate the naturally occurring diversity in livestock, food crops and forestry species
  To initiate the efforts for community based, participatory in situ conservation and revival of these bio resources at biodiversity hotspots in India
  To document traditional knowledge and useful traits of these bio resources and community’s perceptions
  To plan Ex-Situ conservation actions by blending Science and Technology tools for long term conservation and availability of preferred types of livestock and crop types

The ultimate goal is to ensure sustained availability of these bio resources for food and nutrition security, livelihood and economic gains to the communities while also building resilience against the growing threat of climate change

The fast reduction in livestock Nagori breed of cattle population in North West region attaining almost endangered status and Rathi breed of cattle from the same region need to be conserved from animal biodiversity point of view. Although the population of Khillar breed exists in Maharashtra, strain differences in the light of biodiversity need to be studied and recognized. The depleting population of Dangi, Lalkandhari and Gaulao breeds from the same region needs similar attention for conservation.

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