Transfer of appropriate Agricultural Technologies to farmers in the district through Training, Front Line Demonstraons and Extension acvies.


  • Improved variees of Soybean MACS-1188 and JS-2034, Pigeon pea GT-104 and GNP-2, Paddy Purna, Coon G. Cot. 25, Fodder Sorghum COFS 29 and CSV 33 MF, Indian bean GNIB-21 and GNIB-22, Navsari Lile guard-1, Castor GNCH-1 in kharif season and Chickpea GG-5, Wheat KRL210, Onion Bhima Kiran and Bhima Shak, Coriander GDLC-1 in rabi season.
  • Supply of 15,000 fruit plants and 40,000 vegetable saplings to farmers.

Demonstration Units

  • A Gaushala with Gir, HF Cross and Jersey crossbred cows.
  • Fodder fields with BNH-10, BNH-11, CO-5, CO-6, DHN-6, DHN15, Phule Gunwant, Phule Jaywant, Australian cane and Supper Bullet fodder variees.
  • Fruit orchards of Mango, Sapota, Guava, Custard Apple, Lemon, Orange, Ber, Jamun, Karonda, Date palm and Apple variees.


  • 12044 farmers benefied from Training and Demonstraon programmes. 
  • 269 dairy farmers trained in livestock management.
  • 640 farmers trained in Natural Farming technology with the support of ATMA, Bharuch.
  • 4.5 tons of seeds of Pigeon pea, Soybean, Paddy, Sorghum, Chickpea, Wheat, Indian bean, Coriander and Onion.
  • 12.6 tons of vermicompost produced, movated 50 farmers to adopt this technology while other farmers procured 6.8 tons of vermicompost and 157 kg earthworms.
  • 1830 farmers visited the Natural farming and other demonstraon units at the farm spread over 22 ha.