Livestock Development

1. Samruddhi (Prosperity)

Provides solutions for management of high yielding milch cattle. 22 min, English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati, Rs. 100

2. Artificial Insemination and Care of Buffaloes

Management of buffaloes for sustainable income for small farmers. 20 min, English and Marathi, Rs. 100

3. Livestock Development for sustainable livelihood of small farmers

A film on the impact of BAIF’s livestock development programme on small farmers. 7 min, English, Rs. 100

4. Nandurbar Dudhganga

A film on Milk Collection and Marketing by Women’s Organisation in Nandurbar, Maharashtra. 15 min, Marathi, Rs. 100

5. Ethno Veterinary Medicine

9 min, Marathi, Rs. 100

Natural Resource Management

1. Vardaan (The Boon)

Demonstrates sustainable management of degraded natural resources through agroforestry. 22 min, English, Hindi and Marathi, Rs. 100

2. Golden Earth (Sunhari Dharti)

Captures the effects of soil erosion, methods for conservation of soil and water and explains the concept of management of water resources. 22 min, English, Hindi and Marathi, Rs. 100

3. Prerana

Highlights the unique approaches of management of water resources in diverse agro-climatic conditions in Karnataka, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. 30 min, English and Hindi, Rs. 100

4. NABARD Supported Holistic Watershed Development Programme (NHWDP) in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra

This documentary film focuses on watershed development, improved agriculture and supplementary livelihood enterprises promoted under Prime Minister’s Package for distress districts in Vidarbha. 25 min, English, Hindi and Marathi, Rs.100

5. Samruddhi na Shikaro

Captures the impact of the watershed development programme in Saurashtra region of Gujarat. 20 min, Gujarati, Rs. 100

6. Landscape Programme

Salient features of the Landscape Approach and its impact. 25 min, English, Rs.100

7. Sustainable Livelihood in Backward Regions of Maharashtra

Documentary film on core activities of watershed development, improved agriculture and supplementary livelihood. 25 min, English, Hindi and Marathi, Rs. 100

8. Distress to Prosperity

Documentary film on drought proofing methodology through watershed development in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. 22 min, English, Hindi and Marathi, Rs. 100

9. Low Cost Technology for Wastelands Development

Afforestation of barren lands for environmental restoration. 20 min English and Marathi, Rs. 100

10. From Seed Sovereignty to Food Security

This video film highlights the efforts made by BAIF in Jawhar, Palghar, Maharashtra to generate awareness among tribal and rural communities about the need to conserve crop genetic resources. 12 min, English, Rs. 100

11. Gokak goes Green

Establishment of a greenbelt at Gokak Mills in Belgaum district of Karnataka, through afforestation on rocky terrain and use of industrial waste water for irrigating the plantation. 12 min, English, Rs. 100

12. Industrial Greenbelt – a War on Urban Pollution

Demonstrates the efficient use of industrial effluents at NOCIL factory near Vashi in New Mumbai; establishment of a carbon dioxide sink resulting in improved micro-climate and promotion of eco-tourism.  17 min, English, Rs. 100

13. Our Environment – Let Us Protect It

Realising that children are the most powerful tool to carry messages on environment to the rural and urban community, this animated film with attractive visuals, attempts to motivate children in the age group of 10-15 years to initiate eco-friendly activities. 43 min, English; 60 min each in Marathi and Hindi. Rs.30. Commentaries available in booklet form in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Tree Based Farming

1. Utthan (The Dawn)

Captures the silent revolution in the tribal hamlet of Vansda in south Gujarat through development of wastelands owned by tribal families. 32 min, English and Hindi, Rs. 100

2. Wadi

Focusses on tribal development and empowerment. 35 min, English, Rs. 100

3. A Spring of Hope

Highlights the efforts of BAIF in tribal development. 20 min, English, Rs. 100

4. Kotwaliya

Film on the upliftment of primitive tribals in Tapi district. English and Gujarati, Rs.100

5. Jeevan Dhara

Highlights the transformation of the nomadic Siddi community who are now settled and earning a sustainable income from wadi. 20 min, Gujarati, Rs. 100

6. Sujano Sparsh

Depicts the consolidation of the rehabilitation of the tribal families at Dharampur in south Gujarat. 30 min, Gujarati, Rs. 100

7. Vikasno Pehlepaar

An engaging account of the sustainable development of landless tribal families at Dharampur in south Gujarat. 25 min, Gujarati, Rs. 100

8. Bahuratna Vasundhara

Narrates the experience of a cooperative promoted by the tribal wadi owners at Vansda, in processing and marketing of mango, cashew and other products. 30 min, Gujarati, Rs. 100

Community Empowerment and Quality Of Life

1. Artha Tun Artha Palikade (Marathi); Artha se Artha Purna Ta ke Oar (Hindi)

Highlights empowerment of women through leadership development and capacity building. 27 min

2. Dheya Sabalikaranache Swayam Sahyata Gatachi Sutra

Documentary film on the concept, best practices and impact of the SHG programme. 80 min, Marathi, Rs. 100

3. Janotthan

A documentary film on sustainable development of the rural community under the Special SGSY Programme in Karnataka. 20 min, Kannada, Rs. 100

4. Wavli

Highlights a unique tribal custom which ensures economic empowerment of women. 22 min, English and Hindi, Rs. 100

5. Controlling Tuberculosis: A New Beginning

Documents the successful experience of BAIF in controlling tuberculosis in its project areas in Uttar Pradesh. 25 min, English and Hindi, Rs. 100

6. Sachetana Drinking Water Project in fluoride affected villages

Project implemented in Tumkur, Chikkaballapur and Gadag districts of Karnataka. 20 min, English, Rs. 100

7. Agri-Business Center

A documentary film on the approaches, process and procedures to establish Agri-Business Centres in Guntur and Prakasam districts of Andhra Pradesh. 13 min, English, Rs. 100