BAIF’s journey of more than 55 years is

the fruition of a visionary’s dedication

and commitment to follow in the

footsteps of Gandhiji.

….. Not mass production, but production by the masses…..” 

      – Mahatma Gandhi

In the Footsteps of Gandhiji…

Manibhai Desai realised that a holistic and sustainable

solution for self employment, needed to be developed

through  the participation of people and the approach

had to be agender- sensitive and versatile.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles…

From 1946 to 1967, Manibhai worked on these approaches before the idea of setting up the Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation (BAIF) was conceived. 

The concept of BAIF was shaping below the surface during this period.

Inauguration of BAIF by Dr. Zakir Hussain

This concept was inaugurated by Dr. Zakir Hussain, the-then President of India on August 24, 1967 during his visit to the Nisargopchar Ashram at Uruli Kanchan.