IFQ For HDPE Geomembrane sheet (Last Date: 27/05/2023)

IFQ For Phosphate Rich Organic Manure (PROM) (Last Date: 27/05/2023)

IFQ For Plant Nutrition (Last Date: 27/05/2023)

IFQ For GI wire (Last Date: 27/05/2023)

Final IFQ Mango grafts (Last Date: 27/05/2023)

Tender for Office staff quarter and Herbal Unit Repair and Maintenance work (Last Date: 27/05/2023)

Invitation for Quotations for Sarso Dhep (Last Date: 25/05/2023)

Invitation for Quotations for Kukus (Rice Bran) (Last Date: 25/05/2023)

Invitation for Bids for supply of compounded cattle feed (concentrate mixture) at CRS, Uruli Kanchan under Contract for the period May 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024

Invitation for Quotation for supply of Neem cake. Methyl/Fenvel and SSP (Last Date: 15/05/2023)

Invitation for Quotation – Annual Contract for supply of LN2 gas for Bina Depot, Madhya Pradesh (Last Date: 15/05/2023)

Invitation Of Vehicle Hiring For Ln2 Transportation Of BISLD Programme Jharkhand (Last Date: 25/03/2023)

Tender for Quotations for Annual Rate Contract of Vehicle Hiring LN2 Semen ,Mineral Mixture Supply (Last Date: 22/03/2023)