World Bamboo Day Celebrated

Sep 18, 2022

Sep. 18, 2022: 

World Bamboo Day was celebrated on September 18, 2022 at Gangangaon village in Dahanu, Palghar district of Maharashtra under the ‘Ensuring Long Term Plantation of Bamboo for Livelihood Support and Habitat Restoration in Tribal Parts of Maharashtra’ Project funded by SBI Credit Card and SBI Green Fund and managed by SBI Foundation in association with BAIF since 2020-21. Known as the timber for the poor, bamboo plays an important role in preventing soil erosion, supplying raw material for paper and pulp industry and directly providing livelihood to more than 35 million tribals in India. Hence, bamboo cultivation is the core activity for development of bamboo-based livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities among the tribal community.

The activities undertaken so far under the project include establishment of innovative nurseries for propagation of bamboo saplings in the field of 6 tribal farmers and raising of 12,000 saplings; Plantation of commercially important bamboo species with 100 farmers; In situ conservation of bamboo undertaken on a plot and Natural habitat conservation of bamboo in a private plot. 

The event aimed at creating awareness and sensitising farmers about the plantation, aftercare and opportunities for livelihood promotion through the sale of poles and preparation of bamboo handicrafts and furniture. 54 tribal families actively participated in the event. Mr. Kailas Andhale, Associate Thematic Programme Executive of BAIF, provided detailed information on cultivation practices, aftercare, expected yield, income and potential for value addition of bamboo and the significance of bamboo cultivation for environmental protection. A symbolic bamboo plantation was undertaken and wall posters on recommended methods of bamboo plantation, aftercare and value addition were displayed on the occasion. Mr. Chandrakant Kakad, Mr. Prashant Gavit and the project team ensured the success of the event.


Transforming Lives and Livelihoods

Transforming Lives and Livelihoods

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