Dr. Jayant Khadse

Dr. Jayant Khadse is functioning as the Vice President (Livestock Development and Scientific Research) of BAIF and heading the BAIF Central Research Station at Urulikanchan near Pune, aiming at identifying, piloting, validating and transferring cutting edge technologies in livestock development. Being a reproduction specialist, he has expertise in quality frozen semen production of cattle, buffalo, indigenous breeds and goat. Piloting of sexed sorted semen and its field dissemination are the key areas of his work. He has experience in various breed characterization projects as well as indigenous breed conservation and improvement projects. He has developed a Strategic Plan for sustainable livestock programme in BAIF and designed various models for field-based breeding programme sustainability across 14 states of India.


Dr. Khadse has been involved in more than 25 research and development projects for technology transfer for better livelihood of rural dairy farmers and projects sponsored by National and International agencies. He has been engaged in coordinating and monitoring activities especially in Animal Reproduction and standardization and production of OPU IVF embryo production technology. An expert in semen production technology, he provides technical support for sexed semen technology and monitoring support for sex semen activities to ensure quality sexed semen production.


He has completed his post graduation in veterinary science from Post Graduate Institute, Akola, Dr. PDKV, Akola, Maharashtra.


He has 114 Scientific Research Papers published in National and International Journals and more than 25 papers presented in workshops / conferences. Dr. Khadse is a member of the Central Monitoring Unit, constituted by the Government of India for evaluation of frozen semen stations in the country. He is also a Life Member of the Indian Society for Studies in Animal Reproduction (ISSAR), and Society of Conservation of Domestic Animal Biodiversity (SOCDAB).