BAIF Madhya Pradesh organises calf rally for better livelihood promotion

Mar 25, 2023

Mar. 25, 2023

To promote better livelihoods for dairy farmers of Vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh through adoption of advanced sorted semen technology, BAIF Madhya Pradesh organized a calf rally at Parasi Khurd village on March 25, 2023 under the project “Delivering Improved Dairy Genetics through New Technology Intervention of Sorted Semen”.
The event was graced by Smt. Nidhi Sharma, DGM, NABARD Bhopal, Smt. Jaspreet Kaur, AGM, NABARD, Vidisha, Dr. Dakshta Khare, Punjab National Bank, Dr. Rambabu Baghel, Veterinary Officer, Government of Madhya Pradesh and Sri. Pradip Khose, State Head of BAIF Madhya Pradesh in Bhopal.
Approximately 130 dairy farmers participated in the rally and 55 improved calves born from the use of sex-sorted semen were displayed. Each calf was evaluated based on standard scoring parameters of weight, general health, breed characteristics and deworming status. The first 3 best maintained calves were identified and their owners were felicitated with the distribution of milk cans. A milk collection unit of Kareela Agro Farmers Producer Company Limited was inaugurated by Smt. Nidhi Sharma. This is the third unit to be opened in this area based on the increasing demand from farmers. The calf rally was a testimony of the growing awareness and adoption of sustainable farming practices among dairy farmers in the region while providing an effective platform for farmers to showcase their livestock and to learn from experts in the field. The joint effort of the FPO members and BAIF field team ensured the success of this event.
Transforming Lives and Livelihoods

Transforming Lives and Livelihoods

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