Wadi provides Hope

Oct 8, 2022

Yashwant, a resident of Shiroshi village in Jawhar, Palghar district and a father of two, inspite of owning 2 ha was forced to migrate to nearby cities of Palghar, Nashik and Mumbai. Realising that he could not continue this way, this fourth standard pass, enrolled for a training programme on wadi and decided to cultivate horticulture crops and floriculture on 0.8 ha land. Tata Motors supported him with saplings and for water storage in a farm pond under the Integrated Village Development Programme. His chilli crop fetched him INR 67,500 in the first season itself with marketing support from BAIF Livelihoods. He also had a successful experience with jasmine cultivation within 10 months of plantation. Yashwant was supported with various interventions such as fish farming, installation of solar pump, groundnut cultivation, establishment of nursery and biogas unit. Presently, he is earning INR 6000 to 8000 from fish farming and vegetable cultivation and an additional INR 5000 after deducting all the input costs.

He is confident of being able to provide good education to his children. He is also relieved that he does not have to migrate and be separated from his family.

Green Fodder to the Rescue

Green Fodder to the Rescue

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