6000+  Scientists, Technical Professionals, Volunteers
5 million farmer families

Board of Management

Mr. Girish Sohani is serving as President, BAIF since 2009. B.Tech. Mechanical Engg., IIT Bombay and MBA, IIM-Ahmedabad. Joined BAIF in 1980; Worked on Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Development.
Mr. Bharat Kakade is Executive Vice President, BAIF. Masters in Engg.; Joined BAIF in 1992. Specialization in Region specific approaches in NRM, Rural Livelihoods and Sustainable Development.

Dr. Ashok Pande is Group Vice President – Scientific Research and Livestock Development Programmes. Master’s in Animal Genetics; Associated with BAIF since 1980. Erpertise: Animal Genetics; Livestock Research.


Mr. Shrinivas Kulkarni is Group Vice President – Finance. Chartered Accountant. Joined BAIF in 2016.

Mr. Sujit Gijare is Group Vice President (Human Resource and Administration). Joined BAIF in 2015.

Mr. Anoop Sinha is Vice President (Programmes) and Regional Director, Northern Region. Joined BAIF in 1985.

Mr. Baregal Shivarudrappa            is Vice President – BAIF;  Regional Director, Eastern Region. Joined BAIF in 1989.
Dr. Alok Juneja is Vice President – Programmes and Livestock Development. Joined BAIF in 2016.
Mr. Vijay Deshpande is Vice President, BAIF; Regional Director, Southern Region. Joined BAIF in 1985.

Mr. Shivraj Karvande is Adviser and Secretary. Chartered Accountant. Joined BAIF in 1979.

State / Thematic Heads

Mr. Veerbasappa B. Dyasa
Programme Director and Regional Director (West)

Dr. Jayant Khadse
Research Director

Dr. Marimuthu Swaminathan
Programme Director –
Breeding and Genetics

Ms. Pritam Chandak
Executive Finance Director

Dr. Rajashree Joshi
Chief Thematic Prog. Executive – Programmes

Mr. Pramod Takawale
Chief Thematic Prog.  Executive – Research

Mr. Balasaheb Pakhare
Chief Thematic Prog.  Executive – Construction  Tech. & Infra. Mngt.

Mr. Radhey Shyam Sharma
Chief Prog. Executive

Mr. Jayanti Mori
Chief Prog. Executive

Mr. Lekhraj Singh
Chief Prog. Executive

Dr. Raviraj Jadhav 
Chief Prog. Executive

Dr. Manoj Shrivastava
Chief Prog. Executive

Mr. Pandit Patil
Chief Prog. Executive

Mr. Rakesh Warrier
Chief Prog. Executive

Mr. Sudhir Wagle 
Chief Prog. Executive