The Gandhian Legacy

Oct 2, 2021

BAIF is fortunate that its Founder, Late Dr. Manibhai Desai, a staunch follower of Mahatma Gandhi, had adopted the basic principles of Gandhian values for rural development and put them into practice through various field programmes. He used to ensure that the programmes benefitted the vulnerable sections of the society through inclusive development. While planning any activity, the first and foremost thought always in his mind was how this activity would be able to benefit the weaker sections of the society and hence, he used to modify the programme to address their problems. Keeping in mind the need for effective involvement of the community, BAIF has developed community-based organisations to take care of sustainable development. The programmes have been modified with time and new programmes have been introduced over the last five decades, but what has not changed till today, is our firm belief in the Gandhian Values for Rural Development.

The principles and perspectives articulated by Gandhiji have been applied by BAIF in all its programmes for rural livelihood to transform the Gandhian vision into reality. While Sarvodaya has been adopted by BAIF as the key to sustainable development, his dream of Gram Swarajya, continues to be the goal. On the occasion of the 152nd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, BAIF pays homage to the Father of the Nation.

Transforming Lives and Livelihoods

Transforming Lives and Livelihoods

It is a pleasure to present the first four editions of the collection of case stories from the HDFC Bank Parivartan project initiated with the support of the HDFC Bank CSR and implemented by the BAIF Institute…