Webinar on Ethno Veterinary Practices for treatment of Mastitis in milking cows

BAIF and Sakal Media Group jointly organized an online training programme on “Ethno Veterinary Practices for treatment of Mastitis in milking cows” on December 2, 2020. Dr. A.B. Pande, Group Vice President, Scientific Research and Livestock Development Programmes, highlighted the significance of Ethno Veterinary Medicine for improvement of milk quality while emphasising on the residue free milk – antibiotics and chemical residues. Mr. S.D. Nimbalkar, BAIF, delivered a talk on the use of Ethno Veterinary Practice as an alternate system of medicine for control of Mastitis and shared the BAIF experience in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Dr. Amul Wagh, BAIF Institute for Sustainable Development, Gujarat, briefed about the symptoms, cause and precautions for control of mastitis in cows and the encouraging mastitis cure by use of Ethno Veterinary Medicine at farmers level in Gujarat. 28 participants comprising of veterinarians, youth and farmers attended this programme.



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